eggs for money

9:10 p.m. x 2010-12-30

currently listening to "how do" by sneaker pimps

seth got me a gift! i don't know what it is! i got materials to make the vegan tacos. i will get sour cream and cheese with him after work tomorrow if he desires them. now i am working on a new writing project and a set of mixes. he is sending me sweet messages. he has such lovely names for me! i want to finish decreation tonight. anne carson stuns me. i want to read all the books i got for xmas instantaneously. i still have the stack i bought with seth from lexi's store. i need to NOT BUY BOOKS for a while. that can be my new year's resolution. read the ones i've got first. as it is there is beyond no room. i do fantasize about having a library with seth. amongst everything else i fantasize about him. lexi got me king queen knave and glory for xmas! and akasha got me a teacup! i am getting everyone the same gift, and i can order it after tomorrow, finally. after the next app, anyway. that needs to end! it's all finished (and the next one!), i just need the money to land in my account to submit it. them. that's $170. i'll need help again. UGHGHGH.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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