i am stretched on your grave and i'll lie here forever

11:41 p.m. x 2011-01-02

currently listening to: "i am stretched on your grave" by kate rusby

there was no way my new years weekend was going to be bad because i spent it with seth. work tried to get in there and fuck up my mood but it didn't succeed! i am so lucky i can't verbalize it. he is supportive and fun and smart and sweet and witty and at midnight on new years we were watching "the twilight zone" and cuddling. my potato tacos conquered - he taught me how to prepare the potatoes correctly! we had mexican all weekend. it was perfect. today we saw "true grit" with jon and teresa and were both so sleepy. afterwards we just crawled into bed together. i read him one of my short stories with permission to nap. he not only stayed totally captivated but he swathed me in praise and affection afterwards. he really loves my writing. he is the best. i'm going to finish his thesis tomorrow.

meanwhile: umass amherst! brown! cornell! columbia! iowa! you have all been applied to! only three to go!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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