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12:16 a.m. x 2011-01-31

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when i wrote the last entry i'd only just been alerted that i had that interview (still forthcoming), then i got a tremendously short-notice call about another job. this one i did not apply for either - a fellow a ta local staffing agency saw my resume online and he'd gone and just graduated from the school down the street from my college. so he extended me this position for my consideration and i said i would be interested. he then invited me to be interviewed by him, wherein i took a little data-entry test and kicked its ass, and it was good and nice but it was really all up to the actual company the job was within to even want to interview me. they did, and he called me the day prior. luckily i was free. the interview was lovely, although the individual who was supposed to conduct it had a sick child and did not come in. i think her assistant interviewed me under the supervision of a senior member of that department. they said i should hear from them within the next two days now. and i still have that other interview elsewhere. the prospect of either makes me shake: i'll have nights and weekends off. i'll make a living wage. i can move out. i don't have to sweep or mop anything. i'll have health insurance. if i get one of these. i would really love it.

meanwhile - i will also hear about schools soon. within the month, they allege, but more likely in march, which is STILL SO SOON REALLY. BUT HOW BADLY WOULD I LIKE TO JUST FIND AN APARTMENT RIGHT NOW. this is my plan, should i get one of these jobs: until march - so soon, i know, really, so soon - just stay put here, save what i make as miserly as possible, and either continue in that fashion knowing i'll be going to some great amazing place in august or commence to locating an apartment. i know the complex in which i'd like to reside - i know they're cheap and i can walk or bike up the road to my place of employment. i'd like anyway to go up there with a friend and see if there are other apartments nearby. i really want to start organizing my own life. and space for my books.

what i would need pretty immediately were i to move very soon: curtains, rugs, a bigger bed.

what i want and will be steadily working to get: shelving galore, an espresso machine, chairs.

otherwise i have everything else and am quite ready to jump. i am not looking to majorly invest in anything (i'd adore to find a cheap sofa) except for a bed. i'll go into a little debt for the right mattress.

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