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1:26 a.m. x 2011-05-13

currently listening to: "there is a light that never goes out" by the dum-dum girls

my birthday was so so so extremely perfect. the greatest time i've ever had. every time i am with seth, it is a new plain of perfection - i can't believe how completely lucky i am to be with him. half a year now. this is the first weekend we're not spending together because i have to go away with the wedding party. i'm kind of sick about it. i want to have fun with my friends but i don't like sacrificing weekends. time with seth really gets me mentally ready for the rest of the week. my weeks aren't so good. i don't talk to anybody. i'm tired or wound. i miss everything about him when he's gone. it is so amazing to feel this way. i think i will take the one picture i have of him with me - it's his high school senior picture in which he is ultra-dashing. ohhhh someday very soon i will sleep with him every night! yes! yes!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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